In the current situations we all need a bit of light hearted relief, so myself and our incredible Pro Team Artists wanted to let you know a few, little known, facts about us! 


First up is, Jen! 

Jen is our incredible hair and make up artist, based in Surrey. She covers the South UK, including Hampshire, North Dorset, Berkshire, London & Home Counties.

She is also available for overseas weddings, she is well rehearsed in travelling for work after traveling to China a few years ago with a up and coming singer! 

So Jen,

What is your favourite thing EVER?

      “Holidays abroad with friends”

What is your party trick?

      “I can bend the tips of my fingers and thumbs back!”

Where is your DREAM vacay?

      “Road trippin’ round the USA!”

What would be your perfect wedding scenario?

      “A destination wedding in Santorini or Lake Como”

If you weren’t a Hair & Make up Artist, what would you do?

      “Ooh, I have no idea! But definitely something creative!”

Who would be your top 3 celebs to invite for dinner?

       “Drake, Miriam Margolyes & Tom Hanks”