In the current situations we all need a bit of light hearted relief, so myself and our incredible Pro Team Artists wanted to let you know a few, little known, facts about us! 


Next up is, Rosey! 

Rosey is our incredible hair and make up artist, based in Lymington. She covers the South UK, including Hampshire, Dorset, North Somerset & Surrey!

She is also available for overseas weddings, she is well rehearsed in travelling for work after traveling to Greece for a stunning summer wedding!


So, Rosey!

What is your favourite thing EVER?



What is your party trick?

      “Winning at every game possible!” (She’s not competitive at all :P)


Where is your DREAM vacay?

      “So many!! Travelling & diving with whale sharks in Costa Rica, Sea Hut in the Maldives, New Zealand, Road trip the Pacific North West America”


Whats your dream wedding scenario?

      “Italy or Greece, lots of beautiful flowers and a gorgeous strong red lip!”


If you weren’t a Hair & Make up Artist, what would you do?

      “A singer, if I could sing! Or a musician”


Who would be your top 3 celebs to invite for dinner?

       “Natasha Demetriou, Ryan Reynolds & Louis Theroux!”