In the current situations we all need a bit of light hearted relief, so myself and our incredible Pro Team Artists wanted to let you know a few, little known, facts about us! 


Next up is, Lizzie! 

Lizzie is our incredible make up artist, based in Poole, Dorset. She covers the South UK, including Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset & Surrey.

So Lizzie,

What is your favourite thing EVER?

      “Spending time with my family and friends or maybe a cheeky spa day!”


What is your party trick?

      “I can get my legs around my head and walk on my knees!” (I know – I’ve already asked for video evidence!!


Where is your DREAM vacay?

      “Exploring in Canada!”


What would your perfect wedding scenario be?

      “I love all weddings as they are all so unique, I just love to share in someones special day!”


If you weren’t a Hair & Make up Artist, what would you do?

      “Hmm, a hard one as this has always been my dream job and I retrained to do it! Perhaps I’d be so rich I could just travel, do voluntary work and have my own chef & personal trainer!” – Me too babe, me too!


Who would be your top 3 celebs to invite for dinner?

       “James Corden because I love to laugh, Hugh Jackman so he can sing to me and he’s good to look at, Pat McGrath so I can hear all her stories and get all her make up tips and tricks!”