Continuing the quest for beautiful skin; This blog I’m concentrating on eyes!


The skin around your eyes is so super fragile so needs to be treated with the very best care we can give it.

As per one of my previous posts ‘Get Glowing skin, from the inside out’ the skin around your eyes is also effected by your diet, in-particular your water intake! The more hydrated you are, the tighter, plumper and firmer your eye skin will be!


Asides from water there are many products on the market that claim to promote all sorts of eye assistance. From reduced lines, faded bags, discolouration, increased tightness/firmness etc!

Personally I suffer from discolouration, fine lines and the closer I get to 30 the less tight my skin gets!!!


Over the last 3 months I have been using Sarah Chapman ‘Skinesis Eye Recovery’ at £39.50 purchased from SpaceNK. This formula is silky smooth, super light and doesn’t leave any stickiness or residue behind. Within a week of using this every evening before bed I noticed a difference. Fine lines appeared to be disappearing, the dark under eye circles were dramatically lighter and my skin felt firmer and more plumped up.


Whilst I appreciate that £40 for an eye cream does seem excessive, you really only need a pin size amount each evening and it really does work!