Hey There Babe, 

Don’t you think that picnics are such an underrated activity? We do!! Which is why we’re loving these ideas for creating your very own romantic picnic, right in the comfort of your own home or garden! 

Recipe for your perfect picnic! 

  • Is there a cosy corner of your garden that gets the all afternoon? Perhaps you have a balcony, perfect for watching the world go by? Or maybe your sofas can get pushed back to create the perfect picnic space?
  • Blankets are where its at! Make sure you have enough to be comfy, and warm if your outside! Take the duvet off your spare bed to create an extra luxe area!
  • Having an evening picnic, get those candles out!! But be careful babe!
  • FOOD – Of course the most important part of a picnic, what are we eating babe?! I’m thinking a freshly baked Camembert, toasted pittas for dipping, a little chopped baby plum tomato salad, some humous, all washed down with a G&T or something sparkling! 
  • The perfect accompaniment to your picnic is your favourite soundtrack, for us we’re putting on the ‘Big Little Lies’ soundtrack, if you haven’t heard it before make sure you check it out on Spotify! 
  • EXTRAS – We love to play card games, which make picnics even more fun! A cheeky game of snap, challenge yourselves with Rummy or that old favourite ‘Sh*t head!’ 

We’d love to see your picnic set ups babe, so tag us on Insta @flchairandmakeup <3 


Big Love,