How to eat your way to great skin for fabulous wedding make up!


When it comes to skin care the marketing from skin care brands, particularly aimed at bridal make up, can all be a huge publicity stunt rather than actually providing skin care that works!

This isn’t to say that there isn’t great skin care out there, but truly the very best way to get great skin… Start from the inside out!


So, I’ve put together my very best top tips to ensure (with a little consistency from yourself) you have fabulous skin for your wedding make up!


Wedding make up needs a clear, smooth base to look it’s very best and ensure it lasts until you fall into bed in the early hours!


  • Water!! I know you’re probably eye rolling at this, but I can’t stress enough. If you don’t drink enough water your skin suffers! Dry patches occur because the skin is dehydrated. Oily skin can also be caused by dehydration – I KNOW!! It seems crazy but your skin may be oily because you don’t drink enough. When the skin gets dehydrated, it produces oil to try and hydrate the skin, so a vicious circle then starts!

Aim to drink between 3-4 litres a day. And no, coffee/teas do not count, sorry babes!


  • Vitamin C. This mega vitamin is required for your body to produce collagen! Yup that magic word is like a buzz word in the wedding make up world! Imagine collagen to be like little army men, marching around plumping up your skin, waving good-bye to fine lines & generally being little bad asses fighting off signs of aging!

You can be getting all your vitamin C intake from foods such as red peppers, Brussel sprouts, blueberries & citrus fruits.


  • This powerhouse helps to regulate and repair skin damage, keeps skin supple & soft. What more is there to love!! You can find Zinc in fish, shellfish, wholegrains & seeds!
  • Vitamin E. I know by now you’re probably thinking this is a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but when it comes to your wedding make up, let’s face it, you want to look your very best don’t you! Vitamin E is vital for skin regrowth, providing everything that healthy, clear skin needs! You can find Zinc in almonds, avocados & pinenuts. (As if we needed another excuse for avo toast!!)


So all that looks a bit daunting right, but your wedding make up deserves the very best base it can get, and really all the above is, is a balance healthy lifestyle!

Of course if you’re allergic or have intolerances to any of these things, please don’t eat them & use your best judgement/consult your doctor if you’re concerned!









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