With this awful freezing cold weather, I felt like it was the perfect time to talk TAN!



There is no way around it, with a tan I feel healthier, skinnier and sexier!

As a natural blonde, I have very fair skin with freckles. On holiday it takes me a good 2-3 weeks of decent sun to gain a really good tan. Sadly, members of my family have struggled with skin cancer, purely through over exposure for prolonged period of time, so I am no stranger to how horrid and aggressive it can be!

That in mind, I am a huge advocate for faking it! Over the years I have tried so many types of fake tan. Spray tans, at home mousses, tan wipes, gradual tans and instant tans! The market is saturated with the tans for any time or person!

For about the last 4 years St. Tropez gradual development (4-6 hours) mouse, has been my go to product.

St. Tropez Mouse
Pro’s – Beautiful silky texture
Honey brown tan
Easy to use

Con’s – Smelling like digestive biscuits
Very slow drying time – Lots of standing around nuddy and cold!
Can leave knees/ankles/elbows creased
Expensive! At £30 a bottle it is a bit of a purse clincher!
Transfer onto clothes and sheets!

I have been using this tan for so long purely because of the colour it gave me. As a blonde it’s important that I don’t go too over board, or else I end up looking orange and unnatural.

I would score St. Tropez Mouse 7/10.


Recently I have moved over to Fake Bake Flawless. WOW. This product is fantastic, it dries almost instantly, so no more standing around freezing! This is a spray product, which is applied directly to the supplied mitt rather than straight onto the skin.

The mitt provided is almost velvet and super dense so as not to absorb too much of the product and acts as a light buffing action over the skin when applied. As the liquid is so smooth and pre coloured it is super easy to see where it goes and can then be blended out, so no streaks or lines!

Fake Bake Flawless

Pro’s –  Lovely golden bronze result
Instant drying
Excellent price – Around £14 depending on the retailer
Con’s – Tan needs to be built up over a couple of days

Tropical smell, to me still smells like biscuits!


I’d love to hear your experiences with either of these products and any others that you love!