Get Great Skin – Inside Out!


I often get asked for a ‘flawless skin’ make up look, which is something I always strive to achieve with many different products for numerous skin types and after posting a few weeks ago regarding magazines and airbrushing, It got me thinking about how it may be possible to get an (almost) airbrushed look but naturally.


I have always worn make up, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t.

OK maybe I can, but being pushed around in a wheel barrow surrounded by leaves, by my dad, make up wasn’t even a thought for me!


Whilst loving make up, the empowerment it gives me and the creativity I can achieve with it, I also am constantly thinking how lovely it would be have gorgeous skin that I didn’t want to cover!


So, if you’re like me, then I’ve done some research into how I can make our skin clear and glowing. From the Inside out.


I’m sure you’re already aware how important water is. Not just to our diet and lifestyle, but also our skin. By helping to flush out our nasty toxins, this also aids our quest for clear skin. You should aim for 2ltrs a day, in addition to your tea and coffee…So drink up!


In addition to water, what we eat is also super important! When I’ve had a cheat day (or cheat week) my face likes to proudly show off my shame, I get oily, spotty and sometimes even dry in patches. All at the same time. Great.


Sunflower seeds – Natures’ way of giving us a moisturized hug! Just a handful of sunflower seeds (in a salad, on porridge or just as a snack) will help to protect our skin and keep it supple by providing a high vitamin E content. It will also help with the super dry areas like your lips and heels. A big plus for brides who want soft kissable lips on their big day!


If you suffer from redness, then Green Tea may be your savior! Seriously packed with anti-oxidants and proven to help inflammation, this will seriously get your skin glowing. It’s also great to swap out your 10th cup of coffee for a healthy option, so a winner all round!


Get your berries IN! Strawberries, Blueberries, blackberries – all the berries! These are packed full of Vitamin C, a super vitamin that will help to illuminate your skin, and also help any blemishes heal quicker.


Everyone knows that the older we get the less collagen our bodies produce naturally, bringing with it dull and wrinkly skin.  Eat the berries mentioned above, and an abundance of sweet potato, oranges, leafy greens and kiwi to kick start that collagen intake!


Along with all these fabulous foods getting your skin glowing I guarantee that you’ll feel healthier with more energy and who knows, you may even drop a pound or two if you’d like to!