It occurred to me that whilst many of you may follow my work, not many of you will know much about me, Fiona! 

So I thought it would be lovely to be able to share snippets of my skills, work and personal life too!

1st up – Wedding Dresses!

One of my first jobs when I was a teenager was in a boutique bridal store! It was my responsibility to make client appointments, steam dresses, help clients into dresses and also with their fittings! I was even used as the store mannequin when a dress designer came in!! 

Helping brides into their dresses was a huge deal for me, it came with a lot of responsibility. No one, no matter how body confident can feel 100% relaxed when a stranger is seeing them in their underwear (or less!) tugging layers of fabric down around them. I truly felt a big sense of pride seeing how ladies transformed from dressed down into bridal gowns!

The art of lacing a dress, ensuring it is form fitted correctly and that nothing is going to shift throughout the day (and nothing is going to fall out!!) is a great one! I love the way a laced dress looks when its super neat and tidy, whether you choose to have the ribbon tails tucked away or arranged into a beautiful bow! 

Buttoned dresses offer a classic and elegant finish but can be so fiddly, especially when Mum is overcome with emotion, hands trembling! It can be incredibly stressful! 

I am more than happy, and have done on so many occasions I’ve lost count, to help with any aspect of you getting dressed. Whether it be helping you into your shoes, holding your hand whilst your bridesmaids lace you up, or fitting you into your entire dress. 

It’s my pleasure to help you look and feel incredible, not just with your hair and make up!


  • Image credits – Darima Frampton Photography & Libra Photographic