As many of my fellow blondies will know, we have no eyebrows.  When I say no eyebrows I don’t mean because we have plucked them all out (well some of us may have in the 90’s!) I mean that because we were blessed with sun kissed hair, we were also cursed with eyebrows the same colour of our skin. AKA Invisible Brow. Not ideal.


In this day and age when Cara Delavigne is wafting around with her brows of bushy goodness, us blondies feel even worse! So I decided to take matters into my own hands.


For years I have played with various different brow products. Pencils from various brands, brow pigments from Anastasia Beverley Hills and even growth serums. Whilst they all may work (except for the rather questionable growth serums) these are only a temporary fix and completely at the mercy of your brow shape judgement, colour matching or toning and of course your skill at creating the perfect brow!


So I visited the incredible HD Brow Talent that is Marianne, HD Brow Specialist. Upon booking I did have a general idea of how the appointment would go, Tint, shape and tidy. In my head this was going to be no longer than approx. 20 minutes!
How wrong I could have been, almost of hour of brow preening and pampering! Bliss!

Marianne spent a while combing and studying my brows, ensuring they were the correct shape for my face and seeing where we could improve.


My main issue is the tails of my brows, where I do have slight blonde colour in the main body, the tails are basically invisible! So Marianne started with tinting, with a light brown. After just a few minutes with the tint on, it is wiped off to reveal SO many more hairs than I thought were even there! Next came shaping, this is achieved with both waxing and threading.


As the tails of my brows are so incredibly light, Marianne retints them and just a few short minutes later I have proper brows!! No pain, no discomfort, no having to draw them on every morning. Just natural looking, fabulously shaped brows!


Absolutely thrilled with the results from just one visit. I will be ‘growing in’, the term used for growing and not playing in anyway with threading, tweezing etc. my brows so that at my next appointment in 4 weeks’ time I can hopefully have a few more hairs to tint to allow the tails to be even better!


If you are interested in getting HD Brows then I highly recommend Marianne, her contact details are here;


07894 082252