Just because the cinemas are shut doesn’t mean the magic of movie night has to be postponed! 

The excitement of the big screen for us has always been the details, the smell of fresh popcorn, the mahoosive comfy chairs (or sofas if your cinema is fancy enough!) the anticipation when the credits start to roll & of course the out of world feeling of being emerged in the experience, no phones distracting us! 

So here are our top tips to create your very own romantic movie night, at home, but still with all the magic!

First, we set the scene! 

  • Location, Location, Location! If you’re lucky enough to have a projector, how about setting that up outside?! Against a wall or hang a bed sheet to create your own big screen, set up all your comfiest cushions and blankets to give your and your loved one a nest of dreams & of course don’t forget that bottle of wine or  hot chocolate for the ultimate in cosiness! 
  • If staying in doors is more your style, get that popcorn popping allowing the dreamy smell to fill the air, don your comfiest PJ’s and fluffy socks, pull those sofas together to create a little den, turn off all the lights, make sure the dog has gone for a wee before starting (don’t want to have to get up again!) and cuddle in and relax! 
  • If you’re having to quarantine away from your loved one then why not get Zoom set up on your laptops, and press that start button at the same time! Virtual watching of movies may just be the next level in online dating! 


Then the details! 

  • No cinema experience is complete without SNACKS! Popcorn, sweets (preferably a huge bag of your favourites!) fizzy drinks, wine or even cocktails!! 
  • Darkness, half the fun of the cinema is that all your senses are uber concentrated on the film. Try blocking out all the light possible, close those curtains, turn off lamps to really immerse yourselves! 
  • NO PHONES! Golden rule of cinema, no distractions, no news, no Facebook, no crazy requests to play candy crush… just pure you and your loved one bliss! 


Finally, What are we watching babe?! 

  • What are you in the mood for; A little Rom-Com to get those heart strings? A little thriller to get you clutching your loved one tighter?  A Disney never goes a miss to really bring in those feel good feelings! 
  • Can’t decide? Rock Paper Scissors never fails to leave a winner! Give it a go! 


So now you’re all ready, your ultimate romantic movie night in! 

Enjoy my darlings!