So first up – OMG I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in so long!! You babes have been keeping me mega busy with all your wonderful weddings and event bookings, with a good few photoshoots and commercial work thrown in for good measure!

As the topic of Self Care is so important these days, today I actually took the time have a Self Care day. I know, it’s super rare, which is why I felt it was of upmost importance to do so! 

Today I really treated myself, I had my hair & nails done, I took a super long bath, I took the pooches for a walk and listened to the birds. I generally just had a ‘Me’ day. And you know what, I feel 1000% times better than I did this morning! 

I wanted to let you know about two incredible products that I used today!

First up is the Sukin Skin Care range, I love the ‘Purifying Facial Mask’.

Its a gorgeous soft red colour and the smoothest clay like texture. The mask is totally paraben free so no nasty’s at all, which is so important for our skin! It has a mixture of Aloe Vera, Koalin clay and Rosehip oil, to really treat your skin to a detox whilst hydrating and smoothing. 

Just leave on for 15 minutes then wash away with a warm damp clothe – Voila! Super smooth, silky healthy feeling skin! 

Whilst I had my face mask on I ran the lushest of baths, and used my Laura Mercier ‘Body & Bath’ creme, I love the Fresh Fig Honey Bath, it smells DIVINE, creates stunning amounts of bubbles with just a small amount of product, and feels like silk!! 


Ladies, take time to have Self Care days, It’s so important for not only our bodies but our souls and minds too! 

If you have these products or go and get them, I’d love to hear what you think! 


Fiona xoxo