To kick start us into the new year I have decided to do a review per month of some products I love, so here are my 3 Mini Must Haves!

These three products are some of my all time favourite products and all come in mini form perfect for any handbag!

1)  Coco Butter Formula with Vitamin E.

This rich moisturiser is simply head and shoulders above the rest. Throughout the winter I find I can get dry hands and elbows, especially as I am on the go so much. It’s also great to use some of this on the end of a cotton but to erase any mascara mishaps! It helps to even the skin tone, so whilst it’s helping my skin look younger, its also making me smell like chocolate. Simply put, its a win win situation!

2)  Sure Women Long Lasting Protection (Ultra Dry) ‘Cotton’

This tiny aerosol can is so lightweight I can’t even tell if its in my hand bag or not! As its 0% alcohol its kind to the skin, so doesn’t dry me out whilst keeping me fresh! Great for a quick pick me up after a long day and you just want to head straight to the bar!

3)  Batiste Dry Shampoo ‘Blush’

Put bluntly, I can not live without this product. If it’s to use if I am on a really early start (4 am calls aren’t a sociable time!) or if I’m out and about and feel I want a bit more texture or freshening, this seriously is a wonder product. I have this in a super sized can for home and in my kit, and also in a mini for my hand bag for when ever a hair emergency strikes! Personally I love the Floral scent, just a little bit of summer in a can!

So there we have it, my first flash review in this new series! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, learnt from it or simply confirmed your thoughts on these products!

Love to hear your thoughts and look out for the next Flash Review!