Just because we’re now in the thick of winter, doesn’t mean we have to be pale…

The only thing I truly hate in the winter is that my golden summer time tan, runs away from me as If it had been slapped. Whilst I do fake my tan for parties and special events, it never feels the same or gives me that beautiful feeling a natural tan does. So this year, I’ve decided to embrace my inner English Rose.

The essence of English Rose is clear porceline skin, soft eyes and full brows with fresh pinky cheeks. 

One staple item of my make up bag is NARS Blusher ‘Orgasm’ not only does it have a naughty name but the NARS packaging is so tactile you can’t help but pick it up!

NARS products are always fantastic, but this is such a gem. The wonderful pink hues, slight touch of gold and super silky feel are literally…Orgasmic!

When creating your everyday English Rose look, ensure you finish off with a touch of NARS Orgasm. To ensure you get the right placing, whilst looking in the mirror, smile gently, this will highlight the apples of your cheeks, apply your NARS Orgasm to the apples only. 

TOP TIP – Lightly dust the bridge of your nose with the last pigments on the brush, this ties in the rose cheeks and gives a super pretty finish!

This will create a fresh faced look, without the need to cover with bronzer to get a warmer look!

To modernize your English Rose look, create full, natural looking eyebrows, think Cara Delevingne, and finish with a complimentary lip, depending on your colouring, either a nude for day wear, then spice it up for evening with a deep rose or plum!

Check out my website for more examples of how NARS helped create my beautiful brides!

Would love to hear how you get on!