Whilst we’re all chilling indoors in lock down, now is the perfect time to plan your DREAM VACAY. 

We absolutely love to travel, there isn’t a corner of the world we don’t want to see and explore. Of course finances & life responsibilities will probably mean that for many of us we won’t get to achieve all our travel goals, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming, researching and planning does it babe! 

One of our favourite things to do is plan our dream vacay, even if it’s not something we can do because we don’t have the money to get to Necker Island, or hire that yacht that Kylie Jenner spent 2 weeks on in the med! Doesn’t stop us dreaming! 

This is how we dream babe, feel free to be as extravagant as you like! 

To plan successfully you’ll need the following; Laptop, Wine, Trip Advisor & BIG DREAMS!

  • Budget – Do we have one in dream land, heck NO! But if you’re a little more on the OCD side like us, we like to be thorough… Give yourself a healthy budget, even if its not reality – this is just for fun! 
  • If someone had the thumb screws on you and you HAD to give only one answer… Where are we going? White sandy beaches in Bora Bora? Road Tripping throughout the USA? Jungle exploration in Vietnam? Walking the Great Wall of China? Visiting the Cherry Blossoms in Japan? SO many options, the world is literally your oyster!
  • Once you’ve got your location, find your perfect place to stay! Swanky 6 star hotel in Dubai? Over Water bungalow in the Maldives? Treetop living in a conservation park in Africa?
  • Are we doing any trips whilst we’re away babe? If so what are we doing? 


See the list of possibilities are endless, hours of entertainment, fun and soul searching trips lay ahead of us! Just because we can’t physically be somewhere doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the ride! 


Big love babes & happy imaginary travels