On today’s blog I’m going to be reviewing two incredible skin care products.

Dior Capture Totale ‘Dream Skin’ RRP £79.00

Dior Capture Totale ‘Eyes Essential’ RRP £51.00

I have been using both these products for about 3 months, although they weren’t cheap, I see them as an investment in myself and my skin!

At the ripe old of age of (almost!!) 29, I really felt like I need to step up my skin care regime. I noticed the bags under my eyes were deeper than usual. This is of course down to dehydration and lack of a good night sleep, but can also be greatly improved using the right products.

I have typical combination skin, I get an oily T-Zone and dry patches around my cheeks and chin. So I have struggled to find a skin care that looks after both of these issues. I have tried various brands of skin care specifically for combination skin, for example Clinique 3 Step program. This was fantastic for a period of time, but then it started to really fluctuate between very oily and very dry!

Being my own worst enemy, I work hard and late into the evenings so I find it very hard to switch off at night, this is an awful combination for my skin! Since using the Eyes Essential I have noticed a HUGE difference! My eyes are less puffy, the darkness has almost completely gone and the fine lines I have been seeing around the edges of my eyes have noticeably reduced. The serum is a lovely silky texture, but so light and easily absorbed.

The Dream Skin is exactly that, Dreamy! This product smells incredible, my hubby always mentions how good I smell after I’ve applied it. The texture is smooth and no greasy, it skins in straight away and a little goes along way! My skin feels smooth, plumped and is noticeably more even in tone and texture! Being non greasy is also fantastic as it doesn’t affect my T-Zone at all!

As a result of these incredible changes, my makeup stays put for longer as my skin is in such good condition! Whilst these products are expensive, they are totally worth it and have lasted over 3 months of use twice a day!