Towards the end of January, I started to want a different foundation for myself, this is of course both an up and downside to my job as I am constantly wanting new products!

As mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, I am a big fan of, and am currently using Dior’s skin care range. Although expensive, it is totally worth it.

So with this in mind I decided to trial the new Dior Forever & Ever Primer and Dior’s Forever Foundation.

First of all, Price! Foundation is £33 and primer is £29, in the world of premium brands these are average prices, so I felt they were a good price.

I’ll start my review with the primer. WOW. This primer feels like liquid silk. The product literally glides onto the skin and is absorbed instantly to leave an ultra-smooth finish. A little really does go along way so the ‘on the smaller side’ bottle is perfectly sized. To make this primer even better it’s also oil free and mattifying, so basically it’s my dream in a bottle!

Moving on to the foundation, this is basically much the same as the primer. A super smooth, rather runny, when compared to other foundations, liquid. Highly pigmented so again a little goes a very long way.

The foundation is also oil free and blends beautifully onto the skin giving a natural finish after one application. For those who like a natural but full coverage (me!) the Dior Forever Foundation is easily buildable, enabling you to get a fuller coverage on problem areas, like cheeks and chin, without creating a huge build-up of product.

The foundation is advertised as 16-hour wear, so I put it to the test! I prepped my skin with my normal skin care routine using Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin (see previous post) then applied primer all over my face. Using the Dior Forever Foundation and my Real Techniques stippling brush, I applied the product firstly in the middle of my face, nose, cheeks and chin then blend outwards towards my hair line.

When I have my ideal coverage I applied a translucent powder to set the foundation, on a daily basis I use MAC Translucent powder as it is extremely mattifying. I then do my usual light powder contour using Benefit Hoola, do my eyebrows and lashes.

I finished my make up by 8.30am then went around my daily business, which usually consists of walking the dog, visiting clients, doing hair and make up trials and answering emails. Throughout the day my skin is exposed to all elements, cold wind, air con, heating etc.! By the time I got home at 5.30 I was pleasantly surprised to see my skin looked exactly the same as when I left home!

I always carry my translucent powder everywhere as I suffer from oily t-zone, which is a major pet hate of mine! I hadn’t had to use it once throughout the whole day!

When I get home from a long day I usually take my make up off straight away (when I know I’m not going out anywhere else) to allow my skin to take a break from products and just breathe. On the day I did my test I left it on, made dinner, had chats with the hubby, walked the dog again…blah blah… upon going to bed, I went to take my make up off, but took a quick snap to show you just how good it looked, still!!

After reading this you are probably thinking that I work for Dior, get stupidly good discounts or am even spent the products free. I’m not.

In fact Dior don’t even offer a professionals’ discount, like some other brands, however I am a true believer in sharing things that work.

So if like me you are proned to oily skin, have trouble finding a foundation that stays all day and looks just as good as it did the morning you applied it, then I encourage you try it! You won’t be disappointed!