So I’ve been super bad at updating my blog over the summer, I blame a manic wedding season! Although I’m not complaining!

I thought start up my blog again by continuing my quest for perfect skin!

This time I’m reviewing the new Body Shop face masks for #happyskin, if you pop into one of their stores I’m sure they will offer you a free sample!

Their new range of face masks are 100% vegan, I was given 3 different types.  ‘British Rose’ a plumping mask, ‘Himalayan Charcoal’ a purifying mask and ‘Ethiopian Honey’ a nourishing mask.

Today I tried the Himalayan Charcoal mask as I’ve been eating rubbish lately I felt my skin could really do with a bit of a detox and freshen up!

On first impressions of this mask I was a little hesitant! It literally looks as if they have scraped up a puddle and packaged it.

It’s a chunky, gritty grey product, that doesn’t have a very fruity/fresh smell that you may be used to with other face masks.  However previous charcoal products I’ve used smelt a lot worse!


When applying I use a foundation style brush, brushing thick chunks over my face, avoiding my eye and lip areas. Its surprisingly soothing, cooling and instantly my skin feels as if its soaking up all the goodness.


The mask dries fairly quickly and I keep it on for around 10 minutes. When washing off I use a soft cloth and warm water, gently doing circling motions around my face until it’s all removed.

Once my face is dry it certainly feels so much better in just 10 short minutes. My complexion appears smoother with visibly reduced redness, especially around my nose.

The day after my skin still feels good I’m less oily, my makeup goes on better, and stays put longer than the day before!

All in all I’m seriously impressed! I had heard that this particular formula is very similar to a Sephora face mask that costs around £40! For just £15 at The Body Shop I know which one I’d rather use!