So as many of you already know I am a huge fan of individual eyelash extensions. As a natural blonde, my eyelashes are sad to say the least. Not only are they super pale but they aren’t particually long or thick and lustrous! 

So to help me feel more confident and to wake up looking like bambi I often have individual lash extensions. These are great long term, for special occasions and holidays as are completely water resistant and when looked after properly can look stunning for weeks!

However, I also believe that its really good to give your body a break from extensions, acrylics etc for a good long while. So around 4 months ago I had my lash extensions removed, and OH MY GOSH, did I feel awful. My lashes where in good condition, however the drastic change from being long and lovely to short and blonde wasn’t something I was happy about!


So I started looking for a treatment based product to help grow and support what I naturally have. On my search I came across a brand called ‘Rapid Lash’ This is a small brush, similar to a liner brush that is coated in a clear serum. For best results you do a small coat of the serum along the base of the lash line then go to bed. 

After around 3 months of using this product, nearly every night, I am astounded by how much longer and thicker my natural lashes are! Even to the point of not having to use the lengthening white primer of my mascara!! 

I will still be having my extensions put back on for my holiday but Rapid Lash has certainly given my eyelashes a natural boost and the are 100% better than they were before! 


Give it a try for yourselves and let me know how you get on!